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MGEcoduties is an Auroville Commercial Unit under the Kattida Kalai Trust – Auroville Foundation, based in Auroville – India, established in 2011. It involves the replacement of  chemical products for: well-being, cleaning products for hospitality, waste rehabilitation, and bio-remediation. Its products are based on unique Probiotic Technology using certified probiotic mother culture to manufacture our products.

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Dear Friends,

Your Probiotica Drink has simply changed my life! I suffer from Chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) particularly aggravated in hot climate! I frequently experience sever digestive pain and bloating for at least 12 hours a day! I have tried all kinds of diets and treatments with marginal results. I happen to consume your PROBIOTICA, one spoon a day, and to my astonishment I suddenly experience an amazing relief from all my usual symptoms! Many thanks to you for having produced such amazing product, and I hope more IBS sufferers would discover this miraculous remedy soon. With much gratitude.
Auroville - India
I had an accident in Paris 9 years ago. Still in a lot of pain. 12 surgeries. I was very skeptic. I bought few days ago an anklet and ... the pain reduce! INCREDIBLE! I couldn't believe it! So, thank u for the probiotic! Thanks for the welcome. I will come back for sure!
From paris

Enjoy the harmony that the PROBIOTICS bring to You and to the Earth.