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Today my tip is in the category of what I call the triple “E” (or “E’s”):
Eco-friendly – Efficient – Economic

The cleaning of glass: it can be glass surfaces, mirrors, car windshields and rear-view mirrors, porcelain, etc.

Dust and dirt tends to accumulate on glass surfaces of windows and makes them look dull, cloudy. Furthermore, dust particles may contain bacteria which when touched with bare hands transfers to us and may cause health problems. Dust particles can also trigger allergies, aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems.

There are a number of glass cleaners on the market which make it so easy to clean in no time at all. In Auroville outlets you find “Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner” and “Colin Glass Cleaner”. But are those Eco-friendly and Economic? But do you hear about DEEP IMPACT as a glass cleaner? NO, it is not on TV advertisements, it is not in magazines, it is not in newspapers, it is not on the radio; however, Probiotic Glass Cleaner is the only eco-friendly option we have. You can get it from PTDC and at the Probiotics House in Reve, bringing your own recycled plastic container which you refill as needed… This means no waste to the landfill.

How to clean glass surfaces with DEEP IMPACT?

What You Need
A dirty glass surface: window, glass door, mirror, etc.
A squeegee, or a cloth, or newspaper.
DEEP IMPACT and water
1. Collect Your Materials 
A good dilution recipe is 3 capfuls or 20 ml of DEEP IMPACT in half litre (500 ml) of water. Use the diluted solution within a week for best results.
2. Apply the DEEP IMPACT solution 
A spray bottle works best but you could also lightly dip your cloth, or newspaper into a jar of DEEP IMPACT cleaning solution.
3. Rub to Clean 
Begin in a circular pattern to wipe off all the spots. Then, switch to a vertical, and then horizontal stroke until all the liquid has dissipated and you’re left with a shiny, streak-free glass surface. A soft cloth can be used to wipe around the edge of the window before and after using a squeegee.

Note: for vinyl windows, I’ve found that the newsprint leaves a mark on the white frame. Avoid rubbing the window frame with newspaper and stick to the glass.

I’ve heard that since the ink on newspapers is now soy-based, it gives a nice polish at first, but the residue leaves a slightly sticky coating on the glass, and dirt will start to cling to it and accumulate quickly. Unused coffee filters also work really well, plus no ink!
Warning: Never use DEEP IMPACT to clean an LCD, Plasma or LED screen.

Everybody knows by now that all MGEcoduties and Proklean products are Non Toxic – Non Corrosive – Non Hazardous. DEEP IMPACT is an all-natural cleaner containing powerful Probiotics and antioxidants which break down grease, grime and dirt. Please note: we promote the use of the refill system. We do not use ingredients such as Palm Oil (which destroys the Rain Forest), Parabens, Phthalates, synthetic fragrances and colours, preservatives, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Phosphates, etc.

And it is Economic: you will to be very surprised just how economic it is. If you buy in Pour Tous a 500 ml bottle of Colin (the blue one), it costs Rs. 73/. It’s ready to use, you just apply directly with the spray bottle, as it comes. Once it is empty, you throw away the bottle and buy new one and so and so. However, DEEP IMPACT is a concentrate! You dilute 3 capfuls (20 ml) in 500 ml of water, and you have spent Rs. 3/-. Funny, no?

Keep it in mind that you are cleaning your glass in a very polluted way, you are generating waste, damaging your septic system or wastewater treatment plant, and spending more money when you continue to choose to use “Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner” or “Colin Glass Cleaner”.

For MGEcoduties – Probiotics House
Reve – Auroville.
Phone: 0413 – 2623774.

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