Today is about floor cleaning or any washable surface like ceramic tiles, glass, metal, plastic, etc., with DEEP IMPACT, except for black stone Kadapa, and unsealed wood.


Driven by a passion for the environment and advocating ecological accountability for all, DEEP IMPACT cleaning product combine the power of Probiotics micro-organisms with the technological advances of applied science.

DEEP IMPACT is a multipurpose green cleaning product that is both powerful and eco-friendly. It is a superior cleaning solution containing Probiotics that eliminate grease, grime and dirt. DEEP IMPACT offers an added benefit in that it controls and neutralizes toxins and eradicates the source of odours rather than concealing them with fragrant products. DEEP IMPACT is specially formulated to tackle all surfaces including floors, counters, baths and showers, saniware, urinals, toilet bowls and bathroom floors. The probiotics in DEEP IMPACT work in the opposite manner to anti-bacterial products frequently used in cleaning. While anti-bacterial cleaning products attempt to kill bad bacteria, Probiotics use beneficial microorganisms to replenish good bacteria and in so doing control the bad bacteria through the principle of competitive exclusion. DEEP IMPACT is concentrate and is easy and convenient to use.

DEEP IMPACT has been in use in Auroville since 2011 in PTDC and now in Probiotics House in Reve. The programme DOES NOT support plastic bottles waste to landfill, therefore all is by refilling system. Like all of MGEcoduties’s chemical alternatives, DEEP IMPACT does not harm humans, animals and plants.

Method of Application:

In half bucket of water (4lt.) add 3 capfuls (20 ml) of DEEP IMPACT.  Immerse the mop, or cleaning clothes, or sponge, or scoth brite, or cleaning pads, or brush in the diluted solution, twist and clean.

Use undiluted for stubborn stains.

Use the diluted solution not more than one (1) week. It is friendly with your wastewater system.

MGEcoduties – Probiotics House has invited this year 2017 the AV Schools to take part of the GREEN SCHOOL – DEEP IMPACT PROGRAMME. In this programme, the schools that have responded positively to our invitation, will receive every month, DEPP IMPACT free of cost for all cleaning purposes.

For MGEcoduties – Probiotics House
Reve – Auroville.
Phone: 0413 – 2623774.


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