Hello. I am Hachi “the Cat”. I can call myself “wild”, but in 2007, I was badly treated by humans and I almost lost one eye, and one leg was fractured. That 2007 summer was particularly hot, and I was starving and dehydrated due to my physical condition. Then, I saw that small pond with fresh water, but I did not have any energy, and I collapsed just there. It was Margarita and Guidelma’s water pond in their garden. They gave me some “stuff” with some milk, and slowly I got some energy, but I was afraid and soon I ran away.

However, that “stuff”, I could not forget, and I return with little energy to find out what was. Ahhhh! It was Probiotics PET Supplement! Since then I am having once a day for my own well being. I took daily ½ teaspoon, and keeps my Digestive and Immune System Happy and Healthy.

What are the ingredients? Organic Rice Bran, Probiotics from Probiotics House, and local village Dry Fish.

Also, I have suggestion for my fellow friends: the dogs.


Small dogs (up to 6kg). Maintenance/well being dose: daily ½ teaspoon

Medium dogs (6kg – 18kg). Maintenance/well being dose: daily 1 teaspoon

Large breed dogs (18kg – 40kg). Maintenance/well being dose: daily 1 ½ teaspoon

How to Use? Sprinkle in animal feed, or milk, or curd, and mix for added Probiotic health benefits.

Where to find in Auroville the Probiotics PET Supplement? In Probiotics House (Reve), or in HERS Home Need Shop in Kottakkarai, or in La Boutique D’ Auroville (Visitor Centre).

For MGEcoduties – Probiotics House
Reve – Auroville.
Phone: 0413 – 2623774.

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