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The other day we were in Nilgiris in Pondicherry, and doing the line to pay our items, and we saw the lady besides us taking Lifebuoy handwasher liquid, plastic refilling of 200 ml. We asked the price she paid, and she said “It cost me Rs. 43 “. Immediately we told her, “Are you paying Rs. 43 to take a product that is banned for their ingredients, that claims to kill 99% bacteria, and on top of that packed in plastic container that will end in the landfill?” She looked at us like WHAT TO DO! Then, we told her, “do you know that in Auroville, we get our refillable All Natural Handwasher in PROBIOTICS HOUSE for Rs. 45 the same 200 ml?” And we do not use banned ingredients, and we are zero waste to landfill? And she said “is this true?” Yes, it is, Natural Products has the wrong publicity that are costlier than Chemicals, but NOT ANYMORE!!

But our curiosity was opened, and immediately we went back to hand washers section to get a survey on prices, and here for your wonder are the results. All prices are based in 200 ml hand wash liquid plastic containers for refill plastic dispensers.

PROBIOTICS HOUSE All Natural Hand Wash cost Rs. 45, Now compare with the follow:

LIFEBUOY     Rs. 43

NETTOL         Rs. 50

MEDIMEX      Rs. 45



AYUSH           Rs. 84

SAVLON         Rs. 53

Then, why on Earth, Aurovilians buy chemicals + plastic containers + banned ingredients in their handwasher liquid? Probably because they never thought that our All-Natural Hand washer was cheaper that chemicals? Or because they believe that costly are better than cheaper products? Or because they don’t contradict their ammas, that rule the household products based in chemicals colours and aromas – without thinking in Environment? Or because Reve is far away from their way to Pour Tous? Well, now with Certitude road closed, you are really closer to PROBIOTICS HOUSE.

And remember: “US-FDA Bans Antibacterial Chemicals in Soaps”. Companies can no longer market hand soaps containing several common antibacterial compounds, the Food and Drug Administration announced on September 2, 2016. The FDA instituted the soap ban, which includes the widely used antibacterial chemicals triclosan and triclocarban, citing questions about the antibacterials’ safety for long-term use. In addition, there is no evidence these chemicals add any benefit to people’s heath beyond those of regular soap.


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