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Yes, Clean with one only!

To better know our multipurpose All-Natural cleaning product that is both powerful and eco-friendly.

It is a superior cleaning solution containing Probiotics that eliminate grease, grime and dirt. We invite you to fully take advantage of a single product that does the work of many!  With one single product in different dilutions you can clean floor, glass, tiles, and metals.

In short, all washable surfaces. Good!! You are saving many bottles finish in the landfill because it is available in refill system and even you are saving storage space in your house, office, or company because again it is only one product that can efficiently perform in the cleaning routine. 

Economically advantageous, concentrate, ecologically sustainable, our DEEP IMPACT based on Probiotics, uses beneficial microorganisms to replenish good bacteria and in so doing control the bad bacteria through the principle of competitive exclusion.  

Available for everybody in Probiotics House – Reveand PTDC for the cooperative members.


Margarita & Guidelma

Reve – Auroville.

Phone: +91 413 2623774

Open Tuesday to Saturday

9:30 – 11:30 am & 2:00 to 4:30 pm.

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