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Around 15 years ago, Auronevi and me (Margarita) tried to do an organic food for Orchids. As you all know, Auronevi has lots of knowledge and passion for Orchids, and was looking for a natural feeding that was opposite to the common practice of Urea and MOP (Muriate of Potash), that produce lots of corrosion, to keep the Orchids beautiful and happy. Certainly, we did try many ways, even since that time both of was were doing good production of Vermicompost and Vermiwash, but these inputs plus all the Probiotics herbal concoctions were not enough for the Orchids.

Few years later, around 2009, Auronevi started the Orchids section in Auroville Botanical Gardens and we did try again with some results. By that time, I joined the Matrimandir Gardens work and also, we started to change the MM Gardens and Nursery inputs for organic and natural ones. The Orchids reacted well to the feeding with Panchagavya and a new probiotics formulation.

After Auronevi left Botanical gardens, Nathalie (Certitude) continued the Orchids work, and we did work together in the natural feeding system. In the other hand, till today, we continuous without stopping in MM Nursery. But Panchagavya has some problems due to the strong smell, that Orchids lovers do not like.

And then, Loretta arrived with the same question: what to give to the Orchids? At the time Loretta made the question, I (Margarita), has around 18 years trying to give to Orchids Lovers, Rose Lovers and in general Flower Lovers, natural and organic inputs that are easy to apply and not smell.

And today you can see how specially the Orchids react and love it. It is called “ORCHIDS BOOSTER”. Just you see Loretta’s Orchids, or Auronevi, or Nathalie, or MM Nursery and you are amazed. More and more Orchids Lovers come to our place in Probiotics House – Reve, to learn and get the inputs required to feed the beautiful flowers with 100% natural and organic inputs “without smell”.

If you want to change the chemical fertilizers you feed to your Orchids, visit us, ask for “ORCHIDS BOOSTER” and will see how natural and easy it is!


Margarita & Guidelma

Reve – Auroville.

Phone: +91 413 2623774

Open Tuesday to Saturday

9:30 – 11:30 am & 2:00 to 4:30 pm.

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