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MGEcoduties New Packaging

MGEcoduties takes responsibility for the products that we produce, market and distribute; but also, the Packaging of our products is for us a serious matter.

It is our daily duty to provide products, that are All Natural and 100% biodegradable from the ingredients to the packaging. And for that reason, we have changed entirely all our Packaging, making us a producer that provides to all our customers products FREE of plastic. The latest and last packaging was for the Probiotics Ceramic Rings, that now has a new look and goes to zero plastic. It looks nice standing in our shelves in Probiotics House.

Visit us in MGEcoduties – Probiotics House in Reve. And please, do not forget to bring your recycled container, clean and tidy, for the refilling products.

Guidelma and Margarita
MGEcoduties – Probiotics House

Phone: +91 413 2623774

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