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Our Story

MGEcoduties is an Auroville Commercial Unit under the Kattida Kalai Trust – Auroville Foundation, based in Auroville – India, established in 2011. It involves the replacement of  chemical products for: well-being, cleaning products for hospitality, waste rehabilitation, and bio-remediation. Its products are based on unique Probiotic Technology using certified probiotic mother culture to manufacture our products.

While the company started with developing cleaning products for household segment, R&D efforts resulted in development of a range of unique, all-natural, non-toxic and fully bio-degradable products which replace certain chemicals being used in well-being products, and waste processes. Our products are not only completely natural, but are more effective than the current chemicals, in most applications where these are now used. Being microbial in nature, in contrast to the more expensive plant origin products, our products are very competitively priced and very versatile.


The Probiotics Technology

Probiotics is a path breaking technology that enables unmatched processing results across various industries with no impact on environment. Probiotics is on the cutting edge of developing technology to apply the concept of “probiotics” in a variety of industries and applications – from human health, to agriculture, to composting, to industrial waste management, hospitality products and many others.

Probiotics Technology utilizes beneficial microbes to repopulate environments with healthy microorganisms. These microbes contain several strains each carrying specific properties that enables them to offer functions such as human health, residential homes and gardens, agriculture, livestock health, composting, odor control, industrial waste, bio-remediation, and aquaculture applications.

Although a fermentation process is used, the products are not enzyme based.

All the products manufactured by MGEcoduties use a Probiotic Mother Culture and carefully selected organic ingredients.


MGEcoduties has the Vision of offering a new concept of environmental friendly products that are made with completely natural ingredients and therefore are Non Toxic, Non Hazardous, Non Corrosive, Zero Waste and fully Biodegradable.


MGEcoduties has the Mission of manufacturing, marketing distributing, and exporting from India to the World, environmental friendly natural products for body-line, house-building cleaning, degreasing, washing, composting, and bio-remediation of hazardous pollutants on Industries.


The following include our goals in Natural Soap Making:

  • Zero Waste to Landfill, this is why we do refill in all our products. No packaging
  • ONLY Certified Natural Ingredients.
  • We DO NOT use Palm Oil that destroy rain forests
  • We DO NOT use: Parabens, Phthalates, Additives, Preservatives, Synthetic Chemicals, etc.
  • We take care of Mother Earth and its creatures. We do not use any animal derivative product and/or associated with animal cruelty.
  • Purify & Structure the water with Probiotics Ceramics, made by us, for all our manufacturing products.

Our products are genuine because they are completely eco friendly made using natural ingredients, sustainable in long term for the users. We use local ingredients, mainly from our area (Auroville – India); except for the Probiotics Ceramics, that we manufacture using one of the oldest clay on India.

The Team

(L to R) Sergei, Ashwini, Amutha, Margarita, Guidelma, Lavanya and Purushothaman
(L to R) Margarita, Guidelma, Ashwini, Lavanya, Amutha, Sergei and Purushothaman